Priestesses Of The Rose



We Are Honored To Be Your Guides On This Journey

Since 2014, we have had the great blessing of co-creating, teaching and guiding thousands of women from across the globe in our shared trainings, retreats, events and ceremonies, both on-line and in person.

A significant part of our life's purpose is creating sacred space for deep connection, expression, and healing within sisterhood. Through the ancient ways of the Rose Path that teach and guide us, we share our gifts to activate within you the embodiment of your true essence and live from a place of inner empowerment.

Through our Earthwalk, we have each traversed emotional and physical heart-aching experiences. We have wept upon the Earth and offered it all to the Heavens. We have died and been reborn. And through all of this, we have been led to the One Heart of the Goddess. She who exists through all Lineages and Timelines. All Dimensions and Mysteries.


Walking side by side with Her, we found Ancient Wisdom seeping into an Inner Knowing and Shared Mission that has been here all along. She has opened our eyes to see beyond what we have been taught and to follow Her eternal flame of Love, no matter what.

Priestesses of the Rose is a love offering in action devoted to you, Mother Earth, and all the Rose Priestesses who came before us, sourced from the deepest place in our hearts. It is rooted in over 22 years each of personal inner journeying of Light and Shadow, initiations and trainings that have facilitated our embodied healing and re-membrance.

We believe that through our collective remembrance and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, we are restoring Love to a world deeply needing heart healing and bringing forth meaningful connection and empowerment to ourselves and with each other. 

In Great connection with all the Ascended Master Guides of the Rosa Mystica High Council, it is our greatest privilege to share with you the Rose Teachings that have so exquisitely transformed our lives.


Achintya Miranda Devi

Achintya is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School and Global Sisterhood. She is dedicated to supporting women reclaim their Ancient Feminine Power & Sovereignty, and embody their Soul Essence.

Achintya is a Priestess of Avalon, ordained in the Temple of Isis and the Rose Lineage of the Magdalene. Through extensive alchemical and somatic training, Archetypal Goddess Embodiment, Moon Wisdom and her Priestess Path, Achintya supports women through Light and Shadow home to the Triple Magdalene Flame of their innate Wisdom, Truth, and Power.

She journeys to her Priestess homes of Avalon and Egypt yearly for Re-Dedication, Offerings and Communion. She has received the blessings from these sacred lands and the Rose Mystica High Council to share these Mystical Rose Teachings in her offerings through Goddess Rising Mystery School.

Achintya is also a Certified Wholistic Health Practitioner, Women’s Embodiment Mentor, Acupressure & CranioSacral Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She is from British Colombia and lives on the island of Maui with her husband. She teaches both online and in-person internationally. Please visit her website to read more of her programs, events and pilgrimages.


joanne ameya

Ameya is the Founder of the Woman Rising School for Sacred Feminine Mysteries.  She is dedicated to supporting women remember and reclaim their embodied essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  Through Ameya’s extensive training in the Mystical Arts of Shamanic Studies, Flower Essences, Moon Wisdom, and her Priestess Path, she expertly guides women to activate their Soul coding and awaken the grace of the Great Mystery that resides within.

Avalon is Ameya’s Priestess home and she journeys there every year for Re-Union and Re-Dedication. It is here that she has received visions for the Rose Priestess Path and has deepened in Grail Mysteries. She has received the Blessings of these Holy Lands to offer these teachings through the various programs, trainings, and pilgrimages that are offered through the Woman Rising School.

If interested in more of her scholarly background, Ameya is a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Counselor, and Shamanic Practitioner, trained by extraordinary healers and practitioners.

Ameya lives in Southern California with her partner and son. She teaches both online and in-person.  Please visit her website to read through all of her programs, retreats, and pilgrimages.