Priestesses Of The Rose

A Year and a Day Priestess Path

Training & Mentorship

Beloved Sister,

For lifetimes, you have walked as a Priestess.  That is why there is a tugging at your heart when you hear the word or see sacred images or when you connect with ancient mystery traditions.  There is a cellular response, reminding you of who you truly are and who you have always been.

This inner knowing creates a quickening within. This may create impatience or even confusion on how to live your Soul-centered life or it may create excitement to curate your life through your embodied essence. Either way, the desire to understand or deepen into who you are as a Priestess and what your role is as an agent of change and transformation is becomes a light thread to follow. It becomes impossible to turn away from the radiance of this Truth.

You know this. Perhaps there has been a forgetting in moments of who you are, but Truth always finds cracks and openings to re-emerge.  Claiming yourself as a Priestess is part of your responsibility and why you incarnated at this specific time in our planet’s history and herstory. We are at a Great Turning moment and as you anchor the Magdalene Flame of Love through your presence, thoughts, words, and actions, you are bringing forth a humanity that is rooted in deep Communion with the Web of Life.

The call for you is clear, emanating from your bones, cells, blood, breathe, and Spirit. Now comes your courage and devotion to listening and following this pre-ordained timeline.


The Rose Priestess Path requires commitment and devotion of Self. It asks you to reconcile and release wounds, aches, hurts, and beliefs so that you can embody your Divine Nature. Through this journey, you will live your potential, and Dream the world awake.

As you re-build the Grid of Humanity through your Path, you have more to offer into the field of Sacred Activism, which is a foundational aspect of the Priestess Path.

All the Great Goddesses are welcoming you to take your place in the Sisterhood of The Rose. The Light Lineages and Ascended Masters are rejoicing at your return Home, knowing that specific codes and technologies will be anchored here on this planet through you.

From the center of our hearts, we welcome you to Priestesses of the Rose.

In Love and respect,

Achintya and Ameya


the Rose Priestess lineage


with surrender and trust, we walk in beauty and grace

Remembering The way of love

The Rose Priestess Lineage is of ancient origin and can be traced all the way to the Stars. Birthed from the Great Mother Sophia and embodied through Venus and Sirius to the initial star seeding of Mother Earth, the Rose Lineage spirals from the ancient civilization of Atlantis and Lumeria through various timelines and sacred vortices of the Middle East, Egypt, Europe and to the Isle of Avalon, through to the present day. 

Guided by the frequencies of Venus and Sirius, these codes of Wisdom and Love have been dancing and coalescing through the ages, with every intention to come alive and take up residency within you in the Age of Aquarius.  These seeds of Light are seeking you, just as you are seeking them.

The Sophianic Mysteries of the Celestial Rose are awakening now in our innermost sanctums, re-activating the Divine Blueprint of Humanity all across the world.  They are the Magdalene Flames from within that are opening the Gates of Re-membrance as we enter a timeline based in love, equality, justice, and peace for all.

the rose lineage is all around us

  • As Venus orbits the Earth, her rotation culminating in an 8 year cycle, creating the image of a 5 petaled rose. Her cycle anchors in the Earthly experience of the Rose as she buds, blossoms, and dies, only to spread her seeds and be reborn again. As Venus weaves through the astrological signs, we are guided by her varied frequencies of love and wisdom.

  • The Tree of Life is one of the most sacred symbols throughout the world. Rooted in Kabbalistic Mysticism, the Tree of Life shows us the journey we go through in our lives. Within the Tree, the Egyptian and Grail Mysteries come alive, bringing forth ancient technologies that share the one common root of the Rose.

  • Ancient Egyptian Wisdom and the Ankh Key of Life descend from the high vibrational Planet of Sirius. As a Celestial Goddess herself, who’s wisdom is embodied through the Neteru (Egyptian Gods & Goddesses), she showers her unconditional love upon humanity in the creation and re-activation of advanced technologies of sacred geometry and sophisticated codes of sound and light.

  • The Grail Mysteries, seeded as Consciousness landed on Gaia from the Cosmos, were passed along the great ley lines and song lines of the Earth with harmonic coding that is singing in celestial celebration now. The Grail, as Cup, Chalice or the Wombspace of Mary Magdalene, carries the Royal Blood Line of the Christ the Ages.

  • In Avalonian Tradition, The Chalice Rose is the Embodied Love of the Sacred Mother infused in the living mythos of the Dragon Queens, the Goddess and Her Priestesses, who’s Serpentine Energy Spirals in devotion to the Cycles of All creation.

  • In Ancient Lemuria, the Magdalene soul was the High Priestess in the Temple of Phira. This Temple was dedicated to the Lion-Goddess of Sirius and essence of the Divine Feminine.  Phira means “Living Flames”.

In Essence, these are all petals of The One Rose, weaving through multiple timelines, spaces and dimensions, like the Path of Venus Herself, creating a Masterpiece of our Divine Destiny To Live Heaven on Earth now.