Priestesses Of The Rose


Beloved Sister of the Rose,

This Flower Essence Collection is offered to you as profound emotional, physical and spiritual support for your journey through the Wheel of the Year. In this Collection of Essences, you will find sacred plant medicines that will assist you as you enter each Rose Temple and deepen with the Mystical Curriculum.

Each Rose Temple has a specific Essence that will amplify the Alchemical Teachings and Embodiment offered to you.  AND, you can use all of these essences at ANY TIME and with any Rose Temple, as they will only enhance your experience.  Some Temples have a few essences that will potentize a field of resonance for you and bring forth repair and healing.

As the Priestess Path is one of "Knowing Thy Self", you will want to have allies guiding you through the Gates of your Sacred Remembering. 

Please read through all of 14 of the descriptions.
You can buy the entire collection or individual essences.  

With Huge Rose Love To You,


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priestesses of the rose
flower essences


temple of the pink rose

dragon flower essence

Dragon Essence invokes the Dragon Lineage, the oldest beings on the planet. Use this essence to connect with your specific Dragon who has been with you since birth. Your Dragon will show you our Divine Blueprint and support you to walk your potential. You can also use this essence to connect with the Dragon Nation and ask questions you have about your path or about the future thriving of the planet. Please use this Essence in Ceremony or Ritual, taking a few drops at a time.

temple of the red rose


Mary Magdalene Essence invokes the Codes of your Blood and your DNA as Woman and Priestess. Use this Essence as you explore your Wombspace as the Holy Grail, as the Keeper of the Magdalene Mysteries, and as a portal for Sexual Exaltation and Union. Mary Magdalene Essence will create a relinking for you between your Wombspace and Heart which repairs shame, rupture, or disconnect from your sensuality and sexuality.

temple of the gold rose

isis essence

Isis/Auset Essence supports the extension of your own Glorious Wings as you open to receive alchemical Gold Codes of Ascension from the Queen of Heavens and Earth. Use this Essence to connect with Isis more deeply and to understand how the Ankh opens the Gateways of the Rose so that you can awaken more Truth in your being.  You can also use this essence as you explore your sexuality and your womb gates.

temple of the violet rose 

yeshua essence

Yeshua Essence carries the Christ Codes.  These Codes hold a specific vibration and frequency of sound, light and form that reveal the path to Great Awakening with the Rose Mysteries.  They are embodied within you and accessible to and for you, through Yeshua's loving touch, tender teachings, and warm embrace. Working with these frequencies will bring you into a calibration of your Soul's Truth and Mission, linking you into the resources of your destiny.

temple of the blue rose

mugwort flower essence

Mugwort Essence is one of the most potent essences to use in Dream work. Dream work is part of your Priestess Path as you are One who is literally dreaming the world awake. Dreaming reality that supports and uplifts ALL, rooted in Love and expanded through Consciousness. You can take a drop of this essence before you go to sleep, asking to receive insightful dreams that correlate to your present path or you can ask Mugwort to clarify the Dreams held in your Wombspace.

temple of the black rose

morgana essence

Morgana Essence will support you to enter the world of Death as she is the Gatekeeper.  It is here that you will be invited to lay everything out on the table with no fear, to get real and honest with yourself and your patterns. Use this Essence to cut right to the core and show you the karmas that want to complete, the ancestral patterns that are ready to die, and the way in which the Dark can show you gifts within of Great Love and Strength, Courage and Devotion.

temple of the silver rose


Mother Mary Essence anchors in the Whole and Holy Love of the Unconditional Mother. Use this essence to ground in your sovereignty and ownership of your own body Temple and Wombspace. Mother Mary Essence reminds you that you are an intrinsic part of the story of the Cosmos (and your story is yours to claim), that you are both Queen and Magdalene, and that you are here to serve in the fullest capacity of your Heart.

temple of the white rose


Star Magnolia Essence connects you with the Sacred Feminine and to the Star Temples around the world. She anchors in your Priestess Path to the Heavens above. Star Magnlia Essence ushers you through Sacred Thresholds so that you connect to your Star Path, that is linked into the Cosmos and through all of eternity. Taking this flower essence also opens you to Key Codes of Ascended Masters that are only able to be accessed through this frequency. 


chalice well rose flower essence

Chalice Well Rose Essence is THE essence for the heart. Collected over Beltane in the Chalice Well Gardens, this rose literally invites the cells of your physical heart, the wings of your spiritual heart, and the fluidity around your emotional heart to blossom, open, and extend into the infinite space of Love. You will notice as you take this Flower Essence that there is a softening of any armor you have been carrying which will create both gentle releasing of the past and more accessibility of the love in your heart.

om phallus flower essence

Om Phallus Essence is collected from a rock that Priestesses have bleed on during their Monthly Moon time in Avalon for thousands of years. This stone contains the DNA of the Goddess. When working with this essence, you will be transported into deep Womb Work through the Cosmic Womb of all Creation. This essence can be used to heal physical womb issues, release sexual partners energetically, clear shame and wounding held in the Womb, and connect you to the Consciousness of the Sacred Feminine. Use a few drops in ceremony or ritual.

red elderberry flower essence

Red Elderberry Essence assists in the clearing and then the re-linking of the 2nd chakra and 6th Chakra. Use this essence when doing deep shamanic work in clearing your Wombspace, specifically after there has been loss. This may be a miscarriage, repeated miscarriages, stillbirth, the loss of your child, abortion, or even the loss of innocence from sexual assault. It literally breathes life back into “dead spaces” or those that are full of the grief current.

red spring flower essence

Red Spring Essence holds the cellular resonance of the Sacred Feminine while simultaneously activating your own DNA of Goddess. Use daily to remind you of your Rose Priestess Path. This essence is one part of the Hieros Gamos, the Divine Union.


White Spring Essence is the Waters of the Masculine, white like semen. These waters hold the resonance of your own inner Masculine – your inner youth, King, and Grandfather. This essence can be used as you are healing your masculine lineage or to befriend your inner Masculine. This essence is one part of the Hieros Gamos, the Divine Union.

mayapple flower essence

Mayapple Essence is to be used when you are at a crossroads and need Spirit Assistance. Mayapple is here when you come questing for clarity around life direction, purpose, or a specific choice you are deciding upon. She will offer you absolute and clear reflection for you that will not come from your Mind. It comes from Her and all of Source. The spirit of Mayapple is very forthcoming with answers to questions you have. She is part of your great Path, helping you walk forth with ease.

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