Priestesses Of The Rose

Information Call Replay

Committing and Devoting yourself to the Rose Priestess Path can be exciting and a huge sigh of relief as you are welcomed HOME. It can also be a Soul calling that stirs awake uncertainty and anxiety as you enter into an experience Directed and Guided by the Great Mystery. As you make your choice about joining us for our Year and a Day Journey, we welcome to watch our Informational Call.

During our call, we cover:

  • An overview of the Rose Priestess Path, Rosa Mystica Curriculum and Rose Lineage Guides

  • Understand the Triple Flame of Love that you carry as an Axis point for your Priestessing

  • Answer specific questions that are necessary for making your choice to apply

    We look forward to journeying together for this Year and A Day!

    With Deep Gratitude & Respect,

    Achintya & Ameya